What are you doing?

This is a real student all-time favourite. As teachers we love it as well because everyone’s contribution counts. Students accept what others have said and immediately take it on, adding value. As well as helping to create a great feeling within the group, this provides a basis for improvisation as the students are enacting the key skill of accepting what others say and moving on. The game also appeals to young people’s sense of the bizarre. 

The game can be played in a small or large group or in pairs. 

This is our Dramakarma version for pairs:

  1. To begin Player A will start with a mime of their choice. They might begin by pretending to walk a very strong dog.
  2. Player B asks ‘What are you doing?’
  3. Player A responds with something they are not doing. For example: ‘I’m blowing up a balloon’.
  4. Player B mimes blowing up a balloon.
  5. Player A asks, ‘What are you doing?’
  6. Player B responds as before with something they are not doing. For example, ‘I’m brushing my teeth.’
  7. The game continues with A and B passing sentences and miming what each other say as above.

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