Dramakarma Dare #1

This is a great time to be standing at your window and waving to your neighbours – in the spirit of friendship and togetherness. We’re pretty much all stuck in the house so let’s make a connection.

Mime Artist - DramakarmaIt could be a bit like that game we all used to play in the back seat of the car, waving at every car you see when your parents aren’t looking. How many neighbourly windows can you see from your house?

If you can see your neighbours and they are staring at you in a weird way, Dramakarma recommends you have a duster handy and you can pretend you were just cleaning the window and not waving at all. But we recommend you go full Dramakarma.

Dress up like the mime artist, Marcel Marceau, begin with a wave and do the whole kerboodle. You know, white gloves and imaginary box. You could even do the ‘downstairs walk’ behind the sofa. We think your neighbour will respond. Before long whole streets will be engaged in a simultaneous mime performance. Phones, laptops and play stations will be discarded in the rush to see the and then be part of this wonderful creation of the imagination.

Before long we will be miming to show our appreciation of the NHS! In fact, let’s start this Thursday. Oh, make sure your light is on or no-one will see you. A word of warning from Dramakarma! Try not to imitate the face in our picture.

I recently made that mistake from my house and a passer-by, thinking I was being held in my house against my will, called the police. At a time like this you do not want a posse of emergency vehicles arriving outside your house distracting from the national effort.

Happy Dramakarma daring!

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