Rode School Clubs

Dramakarma is about taking part in Drama because we love it!

Our slogan ‘Just Be’ is the key to our philosophy.

As a company, our aim, is to let children live in the moment, set their worries aside and experience the joy of participating in Drama with others. Our drama work is teacher planned and child-led, offering opportunities to develop confidence and well-being.

During our sessions we aspire to look at reality in different ways. We believe in that by creating a bond with children through fun and exciting activities, with them leading the way, that we then open doors to sharing, realising and making new discoveries and amazing stories!

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Rode After School Drama Club (Year 4s)

Dramakarma are excited to be starting a new Drama club for Year 4! Starting, Thursdays from 3-4pm at Rode School from 22nd April 2021. The club will focus on responsive…

Music Club Year 3 Rode

Rode After School Music Club (Year 3s)

Hello! My name is Emily Hampson and I am very excited to be working alongside Dramakarma to offer a new Singing Group at Rode. The club will be on Wednesdays from 3-4 and will…