The Rumour-nator

Dramakarma is born!

That’s me (The Rumour-nator) and Wendy (The Illustrator). We’re so glad to finally ‘be’ that we decided to wear silly hats until September 16th when we plan to launch our first club for young people at the Merlin Theatre in Frome‘Whose Lama is it anyway?’ When we arrive at the launch site- the Ecos outdoor space, we will doff our hats to our first clients and let them take centre stage.

As you will see from our list of ‘B’s’, somewhere else in this site, we intend to enjoy ourselves, and that being the case the well-being of all our young people will be sorted. Unfortunately, there will be no llamas at our first event, but I wouldn’t rule out there being several mentions.

For instance, Wendy tells me that llamas communicate with one another through humming in different tones. We just have to give this a go! Although we are newly born, we have not just been shaking our rattles and throwing our toys out of the pram when things have gone wrong in the world recently. I’d have you know, in fact, that we have been busy little bees throughout lockdown.

If you look in our shop you will see a set of fully resourced lesson plans to support teachers and learners in their return to school. All complete with original play scripts and Wendy’s wondrous and slightly wacky cartoons.

Drama Car-ma is on it’s way!

We consulted the Oracle recently and apparently, DK (that’s us) are planning to start a YouTube site entitled Drama-Car-ma.

You’ve heard of drama on stage, on the street, there is even a musical that is sometimes performed in a swimming pool – but in a car, seriously! Yes, seriously. The site will feature videos and downloads of drama activities for long journeys. There is of course a game involving llamas, a getaway scene, a drama in which the car is the main character and many more.

The miles will fly by and parents, you’ll never again be asked, Are we nearly there?’ What’s that Wendy? Oh, right. Wendy tells me there is a game called exactly that. There will be more, much more coming you way soon. Look out for Drama games and exercises that can be played on-line. Oh, sorry. Wendy said I should save that for the next blog…

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