Recovery & Well-being (PHSE) – COMPLETE Resource Pack

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Back to school and Recovery Curriculum focusing of PHSE and well-being. This whole package takes a sensitive approach to welcoming pupils at Key Stage 2 and 3 safely and securely back to school.

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Back to school and Recovery Curriculum focusing of PHSE and well-being. This whole package takes a sensitive approach to welcoming pupils at Key Stage 2 and 3 safely and securely back to school.

The focus is on recovery from Covid 19, encouraging pupils to develop the confidence to reflect and describe their experiences. The series addresses pupil anxiety and fears, by drawing them into discussion through short games and fun activities that help to relax them and to create a sense of normality. The series aims to improve pupil well-being through sharing joy and laughter in the classroom and by providing coping strategies to support others as well as themselves, inducing a sense of hope in order to build resilience.

The bundle is divided into 8 separate sessions, some of which can be continued for up to two lessons. It includes 8 powerpoints, original comic scripts and art work, independent challenges, along with a full set of notes for teacher guidance.

### **The Complete Package:**

#### 1. Aliens:
Be able to share personal experiences of lockdown in the interests of well being and to consider new perspectives on this period through guided writing, drama, games and discussion.

#### 2. Birds Eye View:
Games, visualisation, discussion, script reading, role play and writing with a focus on appreciating nature in lockdown, emphasising sharing and mutual support.** FREE** –

#### 3. Gaming and 4. Little Nightingale:
These items are linked. Script reading, discussion, games, class survey, role play and art work with a focus on how children used their time during lockdown. The children will consider over-reliance on gaming/mobile phones and the importance of sleep/rest through the eyes of two birds.

#### 5. Key Worker:
Games, card sorting, discussion, script reading, role play and script writing. A focus on essential and non-essential jobs and how lockdown may have challenged our pre-conceived ideas. Appreciation and gratitude.

#### 6. Macbeth- COVID 1019:
Script reading, games, role play, discussion, art activity. A focus on plans being changed by Covid, on bubble life, having a positive outlook/resilience and sharing thoughts about our situation.

#### 7. Future Shocks:
Reading, games, role play, discussion, script writing, internet clips and images. A further focus on resilience and outlook; a consideration of fake news, trust and distrust, and creating good news.

#### 8. Unmasked:
Script reading, games, listening activities, role play, learning basic sign language. A focus on the rules around masked wearing and personal reactions and reasons for wearing them. Looking closely at listening, ‘head chatter’ and at other ways of communicating.

8 powerpoints spanning 8 – 12 lessons
Teacher Notes/Support Documents
8 Original Scripts
3 Mini Extension Original Scripts

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Howell

    I highly recommend these fantastic resources for the teaching of PSHE or as part of a topic linked to well-being. The activities have been specifically tailored to suit working in a covid secure environment but still managed to enthuse and engage every pupil in my class. Each lesson allowed pupils to reflect on a different aspect of wellbeing connected to their experiences in lockdown and their return to school. There is a great variety of tasks in each session which are cleverly structured around a number of brilliantly written scripts linked to core themes, such as, how to strengthen a positive attitude when faced with difficult situations. These lessons have had a fantastic impact on the well-being of every pupil in my school – thank you Dramakarma.

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