The Valley!

The Making of the Valley

We started off with a discarded prop we had created for our pandemic cancelled musical – Hairspray- at Selwood. We might have missed the show but we were determined our giant prop would not have been made in vain.

We started with the title of the song Good Morning Baltimore, then to Good Morning Stonebridge and the idea that the people who live there wake one morning to discover that the whole estate has been closed. We also brought a vague expectation that this would be due to alien activity, with the hairspray can acting as their spaceship. As you may know, Cley Hill is a renowned spot for UFO sightings so that seemed like a good place to start. We also introduced the idea that when the UFO enthusiasts left after an unsuccessful evening, the mole inhabitants on the hill saw a spaceship fly over towards Stonebridge. In our improvisation, one of the children mentioned Mole Valley and the play you see today was born!

It has been great to see a group of children who by enlarge didn’t know each other at the start , work together so naturally and develop so much confidence. It has been a week of creative joy so thank you everyone for trusting us and working with us!

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