Devil & Angel | Persuasion, listening, creativity and role play

Learning Objective

This will help you to:

  • Explore different sides of an argument;
  • Be persuasive;
  • Listen carefully to others;
  • Enjoy doing a fun, feel good and rather crazy Drama activity;
  • Apply it to explore any characters from books or other stories you read.

Show us your work

Please send us your videos. We would love for you to send us your work and let us know how you got on.

We would love to put together a montage of work that you have all done. We will upload this to YouTube as an unlisted video and put on our site and Facebook for you to see.

If you would prefer it not to be shown online, but would like to send us your work, please let us know in your message.

How to send my video

To send us your videos, please visit You can do this from your phone or from your computer.

  1. Click “Add your files”;
  2. Find your video(s) and select;
  3. Email to:;
  4. Add your email address;
  5. Add a message (include whether or not you are happy for us to use online);
  6. Click “Transfer”.


If you have a partner a short focusing activity to get you in the right frame of mind would be good. As you are going to be flicking from one person to another and responding to what they say we recommend a game of word association.

You could then move on to a more active version in which you act out every word you say! 


Inner-voice is the idea that we have a voice or conscience in our head telling us what to do. It works really well anytime you have a decision to make and works equally well when a character from a book is faced with a difficult decision. 

This is an activity that can be played as a three, a two and by yourself. We are lucky to have the help of some young actors today. They will start each activity. Feel free to finish off what they have started.

Version for three people

Chloe really wants the last bit of chocolate cake. Watch as two characters appear at her shoulders – a devil and an angel. They can say only one sentence before it is the other one’s turn to speak. Then they will continue until they run out of arguments. Chloe then make her decision. 

Note: if you want to act like a devil or an angel , giving them a voice and gesture then that is fine, but try and mean what you say anyway. Make it truthful! 

Version for two people

This is a lockdown situation. This time it is Errol who has to make a decision. Errol would like to go out and see a friend but he knows he is not allowed to. But when his friend asks him if he can meet up then he is tempted. This time Beau is going to do both voices. Instead of the devil, Beau would be Errol’s naughty side and instead of the angel, Beau would be grown-up Errol in 15 years time.

Version for one person

Beau, is by himself this time. You have just broken something belonging to someone else. What is it? Can you pretend that at any minute someone might come in and find it so you need to decide if you are going to admit to your mistake. Instead of playing the devil take one step to your left and say any worries or fears you might have. Then for the angel, step to your right and allow your guilty conscience to speak.

We’re going to give you some choices of situations to try at home. Some are serious, others a little crazy. 

Top tip: Mean what you say and try not to get carried away.

Before we go we would like to point out that you could play any of these games using facetime or zoom with someone from another house! 

Ideas for you try

  1. Use any story you like or are reading and think of a situation. In our example, Jack from Jack in the Beanstalk has been told to sell Daisy the cow at the market. The problem is they’re great mates.
  2. Your brother or sister have been annoying you. You’ve just thought of a great trick involving a toilet bowl and some cling film. 
  3. You have allowed your brother or sister to take the blame for something you did. What was it? You’re starting to feel bad.
  4. This happens during normal times. You find a £20 note on the street. You could hand it in, but then…
  5. It’s summer time. You’ve gone to the old quarry to swim with some mates. They’ve all jumped in off the high rock. You begin to climb but don’t want to. Everyone is watching you!
  6. You ordered a vanishing cream on the internet. You thought it was for spots but now you realise when you put it on it makes part of you disappear. You could have some fun with it! 
  7. You are about to have some fun doing something your parents wouldn’t approve of. But you keep stopping because from the right side of your brain you keep hearing your parent’s voice. Then from the left you hear the daring side of your own personality.

One for the grown ups:

The grown-up chooses any bad habit they would like to give up and the young person plays the devil and angel.

Please feel free to try your own ideas too!